Best live album ever.

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Oct 08

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Happy birthday to Claire Messud! She was born in Greenwich, Connecticut on this day in 1966.

“It’s the strangest thing about being human: to know so much, to communicate so much, and yet always to fall so drastically short of clarity, to be, in the end, so isolate and inadequate.”
― Claire Messud, The Woman Upstairs


“He felt that taking naps was much more beneficial than confronting catastrophes.”― Yukio Mishima, Spring Snow

Tell me about it. 


“He felt that taking naps was much more beneficial than confronting catastrophes.”
― Yukio MishimaSpring Snow

Tell me about it. 



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Oct 03


A gorgeous Calligraphy and Literature Wedding Inspiration styled shoot is on our blog today! | Captured by Allison Kuhn and styled by Ivory and Beau 

Love love love

Sep 13


[The writing sample] does, though, have to be the strongest work that the student has written up to that point. Prospective applicants should place most of their efforts into writing as many good stories, poems, or novel chapters as they can (in the months leading up to the applications). Then, they should seek feedback from friends who are either writers or who are particularly enthusiastic literary fiction readers. Then, writers simply send in the best sample that they have produced to that point. By simple, I mean it actually is simple, though not necessarily easy. Read a lot; write a lot. Edit well. Get feedback. Finish the writing sample and send it in. In this way, potential students are not only focusing on the most important element of the application, they are actually using the application process to improve as a writer.
Why MFA?: The Rumpus Interview With Tom Kealey And Robin Tung. (via therumpus)

Great read! Feeling really inspired to get these applications ready.


What an incredibly busy summer it has been for the girls of The Harlow Trio! Combined the group has been up and down the East Coast, across the country to the Pacific Northwest and even as far as Spain in the months since Summer 2014 has started. It was an incredible experience for all us to spend the summer traveling, seeing some great music and enjoying the summer months to the fullest extent.

We’ve even gotten some love since our June 1st gig from our Alma mater. It’s a great feeling knowing people are equally excited about listening to our music as we are to perform it. 

Now that all three of us are back to a normal routine, we will be rehearsing new music and booking events for the fall and winter. At yesterday’s reading rehearsal we even talked about the idea of doing some recording this fall. We certainly can’t wait to share our happenings with you and look forward to seeing you at a show sometime soon. 

Love these girls!


Brand New and Modest Mouse, Forest Hills Stadium, Queens, NY

August 9, 2014